Algae growth accross the United States

Roughly 80% of the US is experiencing roof discoloration due to algae growth. What used to be a problem in only some areas of the most tropical and humid states has now spread to almost all states. And the problem is showing up sooner on newer roofs and is more severe than it has been in the past.

The Good News is that these stains can be cleaned. And IF it’s done properly, your roof will look better and last longer.

The Bad News is that many inexperienced contractors are starting to offer Roof Cleaning without understanding the safe and proper way to do it. And if it’s not done properly, you’ll have to deal with the expense of unnecessary damage and premature replacement.

Roof Cleaning is common here in Florida and so is the damage associated with it. And as Roof Cleaning becomes more common in other areas of the US, the damage associated with it will also become more common. For example, even though their roofs have warranties ranging from 20 years to Lifetime, most homeowners in Florida expect to replace their roofs after only 12-15 years simply because of the damage caused by repeated cleaning. Roof-A-Cide® eliminates this problem.

Faqs | Roof-A-Cide

How can the roofs be cleaned?

Typical Roof Cleaning methods involve either pressure cleaning or chemical treatments such as very light mixtures of either Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Percarbonate (oxygenated bleach). If used properly, these methods will clean a roof with minimum adverse impact – but the effects are very temporary and will have to be repeated every 6-12 months in order to maintain the appearance of the roof.

And while these methods are relatively safe – even when they’re done properly, repeated Roof Cleaning adds unnecessary wear & tear on the roof and leads to premature aging and replacement.

But the biggest problem Homeowners, Property Managers, and Communities face when they are looking into Roof Cleaning is that many of the contractors that have recently started offering Roof Cleaning simply don’t have the knowledge, training, or qualifications to do the job properly. And spraying high-strength Chlorine Bleach (pool chlorine) has become a much too common approach to roof cleaning. This IS NOT safe and it damages roofs every day.

What should you do?

The most effective long-term strategies will minimize the use of high pressures and harsh chemicals by stressing prevention from the start. These strategies should include periodic roof inspections / maintenance and regular applications of algaecide protection to prevent algae discoloration before it begins – and eliminate the need for cleaning.

For roofs that are currently infested with algae, Roof-A-Cide offers several cleaning solutions that are both Chlorine and Caustic-free and can be used to clean a roof safely and effectively without risking damage to the roof or the surrounding property!

Most quality treatment programs have expected results lasting about 6-12 months. Obviously, the longer the time frame, the better your chances are of minimizing any unnecessary damage to the roof.

Roof-A-Cide is the industry leader offering an Unconditional 2-YEAR Unconditional Guarantee using the ONLY EPA approved algaecide / fungicide specifically designed and approved for use Roofs. A light spray every few Years is all you need to eliminate Roof Cleaning and the potential damage associated with it!